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What does Compass do exactly? Why do I keep reading "Connection, direction, hope?"

Compass connects women with local resources to meet material needs one may encounter when experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. This is accomplished through the thorough list  or resources posted on the website, connecting through email or phone phone, and meeting with women to review those needs and resources of support. 

Compass provides information regarding pregnancy, options, and parenting. While Compass does not refer for abortion services, we are here to truly serve women in anyway possible during the unplanned pregnancy experience.

Compass aims to encourage women to believe in their worth, strength, and beauty. Compass provides encouragement through online posts, encouraging emails, face-to-face conversations, and annual events to celebrate women, pregnancy, babies, and life. 


Compass is non-judgmental, encouraging, and competent. 

If you email us, we will respond promptly with accurate information and always leave room for you to ask more questions. 

If you talk with us over the phone, we will be friendly and provide accurate information.

If you visit our center, you will see a warm, clean, and comfortable space. You will meet with people who care about you. We will converse about what you want to focus on, while providing encouragement and accurate information. We'll try to always have coffee, tea, and snacks on hand too. 

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The Elephant in the room

Compass does not refer or perform abortion services. 

Compass does have information about abortion procedures. 

Compass believes the baby is worth carrying to term for adoption or parenting. 

Compass believes moms and babies are important.