We would be blessed to partner with you in this mission to empower women, men, and children.  

If you would like to join in the mission of Compass, please give online via Paypal, mail or phone: 304-212-2393.  Contact us to set up recurring giving. Gifts of any size are welcome and are tax-deductible- call or email for details. 

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Compass Women’s Center
PO Box 1632
Morgantown, WV 26507

Our donors are our partners. Thank you for considering Compass and those experiencing unexpected pregnancy locally.

Compass aims to connect pregnant women to the resources they need to be healthy (physically, mentally, & spiritually) throughout their pregnancy and beyond. Compass empowers Women to choose life for their child through parenting or adoption.

To accomplish this, we have adopted a lean operating model.   We seek to partner with other organizations in our community.   We focus our spending on connecting with pregnant women and directing them to the services they need. Our budget includes marketing, providing financial assistance to our clients for paid services, and administrative costs such as technology for communications, business organization, and office supplies. 

We believe this model maximizes the potential of every dollar we receive to accomplish our mission.