about us.



Compass connects pregnant women to the resources they need to be physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy throughout their pregnancy and beyond. Compass empowers them to choose life for their child through parenting or adoption. 


Compass envisions a culture where individuals faced with an unexpected pregnancy will choose life for their unborn children and experience health and hope through the support and services of their community. 


We aim to:

  • answer God's call to protect the lives of pregnant women and unborn children
  • always be compassionate
  • always be accountable stewards of our donors valuable resources
  • always be transparent to donors, clients, and service providers
  • and always be the best combination of bold & pragmatic, taking bold steps via realistic plans


The culture of Compass is distinctly marked by Jesus Christ's example of love and respect, humility and service toward all individuals without condition or discrimination. We recognize the good news of Jesus Christ as the source and motivation for all we do. We desire to be Jesus' hands and feet as we connect with individuals who find themselves in an unexpected pregnancy, serving them with compassion regardless of their spiritual background or choices. Compass exists to Connect with pregnant women, to provide them with Direction, and to give them Hope.